Pink Roses and Heartshaped choc

Jamie Lee Coulter

Jamie Lee Coulter is an award-winning author who was born and raised in the deep South.  She started developing her writing career at an early age by making squiggles on paper before she knew how to write.  Her days and nights were spent reading those squiggles to her dolls.  After selling her first piece of writing in her early twenties to a parent's magazine, her writing career took off.

Now her days and nights are spent writing true stories of real people. Helping her write is her micro-mini teacup Chihuahua named "Mouse" who occupies a heated bed underneath Jamie Lee's desk as she writes.

In addition to writing, Ms. Coulter is an award-winning photographer and specializes in nature and wildlife photography.  She continued her photographic studies while serving in the U.S. Air Force (Vietnam Veteran).

Since then, she attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography's Nature Photography Workshop Series at Wildeyes in Kalispell, Montana, and graduated from the "Beginning Nature Photography Course" and the "Advanced Nature Photography Course" taught by Joe and Mary Ann McDonald at Hoot Hollow in McClure, Pennsylvania.  A field contributor to Nature Photographer magazine and a member of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), she has won numerous awards and was selected to participate in the "Faces of Iowa" project which was exhibited at the Des Moines Art Center before traveling around the State of Iowa.

She makes her home in Iowa but is a Southern girl at heart.