What did you accomplish this past week?  Me, I’ve been, of course, working on a new book.  Takes time to write it.  I try to write something each day.  Some days that’s really hard to do while other days I have plenty of time to do it in.  That’s the key to writing.  You have to “make” time to write each day.

The idea is that by writing every day, you keep the “muse” well inked.  LOL!  That little fellow needs to be inked up and ready to write at any given moment so writing every day keeps the words flowing through your subconscious.

I know it’s hard when you have a full-time job and you’re trying to write, too.  But, there are ways you can still accomplish your goal.  Try a Pomodoro.  That’s a 25-minute writing session.  You set a timer and for 25 minutes you write fast and furiously without trying to pick the best word or anything like that.  You just write.  If you don’t have a 25-minute time span where you can do uninterrupted writing, then try an 8-minute sprint.

For the 8-minute session, you can actually do it anywhere.  You don’t have to be sitting down at your computer.  You could be in the check-out line at the grocery.  Get yourself a recording device and record a scene while you’re standing in line.  How long of a commute do you have to work every day?  Take your recording device and turn off the radio.  That’s some quiet time you could use to dictate a scene or two.

It really depends on how bad you want to get that book written.  Time is there.  You just have to find it.

So, think about your own goal.  What did you accomplish this week?


Looking forward to a great 2018!

2018 crept in while I wasn’t looking.  Did that happen to you, too?

Another year has come and gone and I sit here and wonder what happened.  Did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish in 2017?  Did I take those trips to see some of the world’s beautiful places?  Did I finish another book?  When 2017 arrived I had so many wonderful goals in mind.  Did I accomplish them?

Well, I have to say I did accomplish some of the things on my “bucket list” and some of the things I will have to put on my list for 2018.  That’s okay though.  I “dream big.”  There are things on my list I probably won’t get to accomplish in 2018 either but that doesn’t mean I don’t still need to work toward those goals.  As I said I “dream big.”

So, what am I going to accomplish in 2018?  I have already started my list of goals I want to accomplish and one of those goals, a small one, I have already attained.  For attaining that goal, I allowed myself a reward – two cookies!  LOL!  I know, I know, cookies for a reward doesn’t sound like much of a reward but the goal was small – to get a slide presentation ready for a talk I’m doing later in the month.  A big reward was not needed but I do award myself something for even small accomplishments.  You should, too.

This year I will finish a book I’ve been working on and when I do, I will award myself with a bigger reward – maybe an evening out with friends and a movie and dinner.  That’s a treat I always enjoy.  I keep my goals list posted on my “Dream” board and I add to it as I think of things I want to accomplish.  I add dates next to those things so I know when I will reach that goal and I break down the goal into small manageable bite-size pieces with dates when those should be accomplished also.  That helps me reach the final goal.

Yes, not only did 2018 creep in but it’s already almost half gone!  But, I’m already working and looking forward to a great year of accomplishments.  Are you?